At Dirty Girl Coffee, we want everyone to enjoy life and drink fantastic locally roasted coffee! We are a small batch craft coffee roaster with a social mission to promote women’s economic progress in Appalachia. We offer responsibly sourced coffees including the largest selection of women produced coffees supporting pay equity in growing regions. Our mission is to chip away at those long enduring barriers to economic progress and help women find their voice, their power and make the world a better place. We believe where women thrive, communities thrive.

Dirty Girl Coffee aspires to positively impact the lives of disadvantaged women and girls in our community. We are active in many community efforts, working with local, county, and state leaders to support economic progress and strategies to recruit skill-building opportunities into the area. We work on community-building efforts with organizations like Glouster Revitalization Organization as well as other local organizations to give women the skills to progress in many areas such as entrepreneurship, running for political office etc. Dirty Girl Coffee is working to improve conditions in our local community of Glouster, OH by promoting the rehabilitation of several structures, developing of public spaces, hosting events such as Glouster First Friday which provides live music, food and fun to our community. Dirty Girl Coffee also acts as proof of concept that our community can and will support and sustain small businesses.

To support the furthering of women’s economic standing, we support economic development in portions of Ohio designated as critical by the state of Ohio. Two counties in Ohio of our initial focus are Athens County and Morgan County. These counties are in need of diverse economic development and job creation/expansion. Specifically, we try to focus on projects that support women and the forwarding of women’s economic standing. How? We are involved in facilitating local initiatives to bring a diverse employment portfolio to the area. We actively lobby state and local government, developers, and businesses to expand development and continue to expand transportation corridors in the target area, facilitating job creation. At Dirty Girl Coffee we want to support an environment in which outside companies will compete to relocate to the area bringing high quality skill-building jobs to our target group, Women currently living in poverty. We are working to facilitate an environment in which small business and local communities can thrive together! We are investigating the most effective means to provide skill building, mentoring, and coaching to facilitate women’s preparedness and economic progress. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to info@dirtygirlcoffee.com.