About Us

A coffee company with a social mission to support economic development and women's economic progress in Appalachia. Offering responsibly sourced craft roasted coffees.

Why Dirty Girl Coffee?

The name itself is a statement. As a brand, we want to pay homage to all women who perform every day. Not for glory, not for praise or pats on the back, not for money or approval. For these women it’s in their being, it’s in their soul, it’s who they are. They aren’t afraid to get dirt under their nails, brush the dust off their jeans, rub sweat off their brow. They love who they are and what they do. The earth moves and rotates, projecting them to their next glorious adventure. Their next day of getting dirty… their next day of becoming perfect. Quality is our passion, coffee is our medium. We utilize the finest Arabica beans to create exceptional coffees. All the while, we are supporting women’s economic standing and sustainability at origin and here at home… It’s how we get dirty.


How will you get dirty today?


At Dirty Girl Coffee, we want everyone to enjoy life and drink fantastic craft roasted coffee! We are a small batch coffee roaster with a social mission to promote women’s economic progress in Appalachia. We offer responsibly sourced coffees including the largest selection of women produced coffees supporting pay equity in growing regions. Our mission is to chip away at those long enduring barriers to economic progress and help women find their voice, their power and make the word a better place. We believe where women thrive, communities thrive.


Find us at these locations (hidden)
  • Athens Farmer’s Market 1000 E. State St. Athens OH 45701 Saturdays from 9-12
  • Village Taco (Cbus, Parsons Ave)
  • The Farmacy
  • Kindred Market
  • Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium 
  • Rocky Brands
  • MarketWagon.com (Central Ohio online farmers market)
  • Avalanche Pizza
  • Eclipse the Company Store
  • The Triple Nickel Diner
  • Shop Athens Ohio
  • The Winding Road Market Place
  • Tony’s Tavern
  • ​Wildflower Café and Catering
  • Nelsonville Emporium
  • ​C and E Market
  • Morris Hardware
  • Casa Nueva
  • The Union Bar
  • Shriver’s Pharmacy and Wellness
  • Jackie O’s

Find us at these locations

​Interested in a wholesale relationship?
Please contact us at info@dirtygirlcoffee.com. We would love to make your customer’s coffee dreams come true!