Craft Roasted, Responsibly Sourced, Socially Engaged
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Our Mission

At Dirty Girl Coffee, we want everyone to enjoy life and drink fantastic craft roasted coffee! We are a small batch coffee roaster with a social mission to promote women’s economic progress in Appalachia. We offer responsibly sourced coffees including the largest selection of women produced coffees supporting pay equity in growing regions. Our mission is to chip away at those long enduring barriers to economic progress and help women find their voice, their power and make the world a better place. We believe where women thrive, communities thrive.  

Who we are

A coffee company with a social mission to support women’s economic progress in Ohio’s Appalachia and beyond. Offering responsibly sourced coffees supporting pay equity in growing regions and craft roasted to perfection.

​​Get Dirty, Be Dirty, Live Dirty

Dirty girl (dur-tee)(gurl): soiled with dirt, spreading or imparting dirt, a child from birth to full grown, a powerful presence, tenacious, compassionate, driven, humble, unbeatable, kind, strong, resilient, beautiful.